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  1. Andrew returned to the room and _________ Mary of their decision.

  A) invited B) informed C) persuaded D) required

  2. The __________ success in the laboratory was a stimulus for further research.

  A) initial B) elementary C) essential D) internal

  3. Most of the _____ passengers were quickly removed from the aircraft.

  A) harmed B) damaged C) wounded D) injured

  4. A book had been stolen, but the teacher said that he was sure Jack was__________ .

  A) doubtless B) innocent C) exceptional D) unable

  5. He went to the station to __________ about the times of trains to Guangzhou.

  A) consult B) refer C) inquire D) require

  6. I must ________ on your giving me a straightforward answer.

  A) determine B) devote C) insist D) invite

  7. It was my father's courage and devotion that ________ his men with determination.

  A) inspected B) inspired C) lightened D) insisted

  8. There are jobs more dangerous than truck driving; ________ training lions.

  A) as an instance B) for an instance C) as instance D) for instance

  9. Before he started to operate the new machine, he read the _____carefully so that he made no mistakes.

  A) informations B) indications C) instructions D) publications

  10. My house is ________ against fire and theft.

  A) assured B) insured C) prevented D) prepared

  11. A person who quickly learns and understands has good ________ .

  A) influence B) cleverness C) intelligence D) brightness

  12. They escaped to Paris with the ________ of becoming painters.

  A) intention B) attention C) imagination D) consideration

  13. I turned off the radio so that it didn't ________ with my roommates.

  A) interfere B) interrupt C) disturb D) dismiss

  14. The trees were planted beside the road at ________ of 50 feet.

  A) lengths B) widths C) intervals D) heights

  15. In terms of political opinions, they are totally different. However, they are ____ friends in life.

  A) relative B) intimate C) dependent D) imitate

  16. Before the _______ of gunpowder (火藥) , men fought with bows and arrows.

  A) exposure B) invitation C)discovery D) invention

  17.1 won't get _______in the quarrel between Tom and Jack.

  A) involved B) included C) consisted D) contained

  18. Sherlock Holmes ____ many cases by following the footprints left at the scene of the crime.

  A) invested B) investigated C) suspected D) suggested

  19. He ________ himself from the outside world by living in the mountains.

  A) divided B) prevented C) isolated D) related

  20. The great ______ today is whether there will be war or peace.

  A) problem B) difference C) issue D) tissue

  21. Jenny was always very _________ of her sister's beauty.

  A) jealous B) hated C) curious D) pleased

  22. The two sides agreed on a _____ business venture in which both put up an equal amount of capital(資本).

  A) joined B) double C) joint D) common

  23. After suffering such unfair treatment, the child felt there was no _________ in this world.

  A) fairy B) equality C) justice D) chance

  24. You must walk slowly if you want your children to ________ you.

  A) keep in touch B) keep up with C) hold on to D) put up with

  25. 225. He receives so many letters every day that sometimes he ______ sufficient time to read all of them properly.

  A) lacks B) spends C) costs D) takes

  26. John and James are brothers. The former is a teacher; the ________ is an engineer.

  A) later B) last C) latter D) second

  27. The Americans and Russians have _____ many rockets into space.

  A) landed B) launched C) initiated D) attacked

  28. The gardens are beautifully __________.

  A) laid aside B) laid down C) laid off D) laid out

  29. As a result of a bomb explosion, oil has _________ out from the tanker.

  A) lacked B) leaked C) left D) dropped

  30. She ________ her elbows on her knees and cupped her chin in her hands.

  A) depended B) relied C) counted D) leaned

  31. If you do not work hard enough, you will soon be left _________ in your study.

  A) aside B) behind C) over D) off

  32. You can take this book away with you and read it at your _________ .

  A) freedom B) leisure C) pleasure D) spare

  33. He can't speak his own native language well, ________ a foreign language.

  A) let alone B) let down C) let on D) let off

  34. The chief difficulty in my study _____ in understanding spoken English.

  A) lies B) lays C) laid D) lain

  35. He's caught a bad cold and it's not _______ that he will get it over before next Monday.

  A) unlike B) likely C) possibly D) probably

  36. He could not make us understood because his vocabulary was too __________ .

  A) lack B) absent C) rare D) limited

  37. His actions were not _________ his beliefs.

  A) in relation with B) in line with C) in terms of D) in touch with

  38. They hope he will _________ their expectations.

  A) live up to B) keep up to C) hold on to D) be according to

  39. I don't like my present job; my boss has _________ too much work on me.

  A) landed B) burdened C) loaded D) handed

  40. Captain Johnson ordered his men to try to ________ the sunken ship.

  A) save B) seek C) locate D) local

  1. B 2. A 3. D 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. D 9. C 10. B

  11.C 12. A 13. A 14.C 15.B 16.D 17. A18.B 19.C 20.C

  21. A 22. C 223. C 24. B 25. A 26. C 27. B 28. D 29. B 30. D

  31. B 32. B 233. A 34. A 35. B 36. D 37. B 38. A 39. C 40. C




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